Our Fees

Since no two assignments are alike, we don’t have a “rate sheet” for our services. All our fee quotes are based upon anticipated time and resources required to complete the valuation itself, then produce the most appropriate type of report that serves your purpose.

Given the considerable expense these analyses and reports may represent, whenever possible we try to structure our assignments in phases for maximum expediency and affordability. For example, we sometimes perform preliminary valuation analyses to help the client ascertain whether a particular scenario (e.g., donation of a conservation easement) is feasible. Also, you may only need a “verbal report” of our findings, as compared to a fully documented written Appraisal Report which is often required for court testimony, for instance, or for filing with the IRS. At the outset before quoting a job, we interview each prospective client closely enough to identify the scope of work necessary to solve the valuation problem at hand.

So please call us or e-mail us with your Request an Appraisal Quote, and we will respond in a timely fashion with an estimated fee quote and projection of our availability.